Topic: Altared Lives Radio Migration to Music Licensing Agent

It is with great sadness that I announce that Loudcity is no longer able to be ALR's music licensing agent beyond the end of February 2014.

We have had 8 wonderful years here. But due to reasons beyond anyone's control, Loudcity has decided to cease their licensing service. Although there might be another solution for Loudcity beyond this month, I have had to find another licensing agent to keep ALR  on the air with continuing service to you, our listeners.

If you are a current listener and visit our station's Loudcity listen page at: … efault.htm

- OR -

if you have saved our links to the listen files from that Loudcity launch page in your player(s),

you will need to go to our new --> Listen <-- page at and launch the station from there.

Please visit … listen.htm to listen to Altared Lives Radio from this day on.

I do not know when Loudcity will cease functioning, making the listen page or listen URLs you may have saved generate an error when you try to listen to ALR. However, you will want to get in the habit of visiting ALR's new listen page so that when things cease to function, you won't be confused.

God's blessings upon Loudcity and all Loudcity station owners, friends, and fans.

A good life to all, and to all, a good vibe.

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